What about 「Living in Sendai You Can!」?

Will the largest city of Tohoku Sendai, known as MORINO MIYAKO that has beautiful tree street that changes its face on each season, Hirose River that flows through the city, Mountains with lots of nature nearby and many fresh seafoods satisfy your living?

When you are feeling inconvenient or anxious in new place,
When looking for new opportunities to study or run business,
When having trouble finding place,
When looking for a place to start new business,
please contact us immediately.

As your Life Partner, We are always ready to support you in solving your problems.

Back Ground

The Worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19 had a great impact stopping Japanese inbound tourism.

This has become the greatest anxiety factor for the Japanese people today.

It has been repeatedly reported on the media on how Japanese tourism, hotel, Commercial facilities, shops and restaurants in various places can't stand without tourists’ consumption activities.

However, under such circumstances, people all over the world have come to realized Japanese high level of hygiene, public safety, public awareness of individuals accepting the self-restrain and the good medical care system by looking at the few number of infections compare to other countries.

We are hoping that people all over the world will again visit the hygienic country the "JAPAN".

Japan now has the major problem of declining of birthrate, declining population and aging.

The current population of Japan is 120 million, but it been said that in 40 years it will fall to below 90 million.

Also predicted that percentage of elderly people over 65 will account for nearly 40%.

Japan, which has been already suffering from chronic labor shortage, will shrink more due to the declining of birthrate, declining population and aging after the corona disaster.

Looking at this factor, it will be necessary for Japan to have not only "visitor" from overseas, but foreigner who will stay and have a Japanese nationality to discuss the future of Japan together.

I am aware of many policy issues and problems, but our office is ready to support foreigners who want to

"Work in Japan",
"Learn Japanese culture",
"Live in Sendai",
"Have family in Sendai"
"Spread the beauty of Sendai to outside"

We want to be your Life Partner and informant of good housing.

It has been four years since I opened my private office "Sketch BOX Design Office", and I have been engaged in various activities based on unique plans and proposals.

The name of the company is a combination of "Sketch", which means "Hand-Writing and Proposal" and "BOX", which means "Box filled with unique projects and proposals."

For 26 years, I have been involved in designing, sales planing and management works, and through these experiences and skills, I want to support foreigners who want to settle in Japan having their own homes and stores.

My favorite word is "Value your thoughts".

My motto is to have quality service to help you with planning, proposal and management with all my heart.

January 29th, 2021
Toshio Hamada


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Sketch BOX design office
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Toshio Hamada
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