Consultation on housing and living

Consultation on housing and living

First time in Japan and live in Sendai, you might have worries and anxieties like: How to use transportation?
What if I get sick?
Where to shop and where to find ATMs?
Where to take out my garbage?
Where should I evacuate in case of earthquake?
I do not understand Japanese.

Please feel free to consult us with your worries and anxieties.

We also support advanced application procedures such as notification to public institutions, registration of new businesses, income tax returns and tax payment.

In addition, we can introduce the seasonal activities in Sendai that can give you wonderful experience such as local community activities, ceremonies, festivals, and various events.


Property search

Life with full of hope but do you have questions like;
Where do I find place to live?
How can I find a place where to start English conversation class?
Where to find a place to start new business?
Where to find property that has good access to school or work?

For those of you who are not good at Japanese, starting up in Japan can be challenging.

We will support and introduce you to have your desired house and rental properties by helping you with all necessary procedures to move in.

We will also help you to apply for various lifeline facilities such as electricity, water, telephone and the internet.

We hope that you will have more comfortable life in Japan and become Japanese national who thinks about the future of Japan with us.

Property search

Suggestion for renovation

I want to rent new house for my new life,
I want to make my room bigger,
I am not good at sitting on tatami mats,
I want to make it wooden floor,
Need more lumps in the room!
I was surprised with Japanese style toilet.

There are so many unfamiliar and surprised things in Japan. You might also want to rent new office but having difficulties to find enough outlet, have great internet environment, and have desire to renovate the wall and flooring but you do not know where to consult?

We will propose a plan to solve your problem and improve on it.

You can go to negotiations with the landowner with us.You just tell us your ideal image and lifestyle you want to have.Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything.We will respond politely in English.