Sketch BOX Design Office


Office introduction
I’m Toshio Hamada.
I am a construction designer.
My Office name is Sketch Box Design Office.
The  Sketch Box  Design  Office  provides  Planning and design for construction and  refurbishment.
Most of my work is related to the dental clinic design.

These are examples of dental clinics

In addition, I also propose hand-drawing products.
I receive orders from companies and individuals nationwide for the work of hand-drawing floor plans and elevations.

Hand-drawing farm scale 1/1000
Hand-drawing house plan scale 1/100

I believe that what I can do is to make use of my experience and knowledge in the construction industry for a long time to help foreigners find a place to live and create an environment that makes it easier for them to live a more comfortable and convenient life.
So here’s the question.
Is it easy for foreigners to find a place in Sendai?
Yes, it is. I’m here to guide you until you find the perfect place to live in.