About the subsequent earthquake.


The relatively large earthquake was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that occurred off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture on March 20. At that time, I felt a strong tremor. On this account, a tsunami warning was issued in the coastal area.

I also feel a small shake a couple of times a week. Nevertheless, there’s no need to feel unsettled given that the Tohoku region, including Miyagi prefecture, has always been well prepared for an earthquake, and there were almost no collapses of buildings or deaths.

In other words, it is a proof that we have taken sufficient measures against earthquakes and other disasters because we experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago.
It may be very disturbing for foreigners who have not experienced much earthquakes.
However, in Japan, even if a major disaster occurs, riots and robbery from stores will most likely never transpire.

There is a public consciousness to talk to each other and survive the disaster.
Possession of guns is prohibited in Japan. Therefore, there are almost no cases of using guns.

Furthermore, over 90% of lost items such as valuables, wallets and smartphones have been reported to the police. Even cash is often reported to the police, can you believe it?

To foreigners.
There may be anxiety and worries about earthquakes and disasters, but Japan is at all times prepared, and Japanese citizens have a high level of public awareness and a spirit of mutual help to make up for them.

Please come to Japan, relaxed and worry-free and consider living in our beautiful city Sendai, Tohoku.

Don’t be shy to say  “Konnichiwa” to us because we will reply your “Konnichiwa” with a smile and warm welcome.