About the COVID-19 infection status.


Although the number of infected people in Japan has been generally suppressed, there are some areas where the number is increasing rapidly.

Especially in Osaka prefecture, more infected people have been confirmed than in Tokyo, and a law has already been issued that involves shortening the business hours of restaurants and closing public institutions such as libraries and halls.
This law is also applied in Miyagi prefecture, where the number of infected people is increasing, with a time limit until May 5.

The number of newly infected people in Japan on April 6th yesterday was 2,656, of which 719 were in Osaka and 399 were in Tokyo.
It is reported that 103 people are infected in Miyagi prefecture.
The cumulative number of infected people in Japan is 490,100, of which 9,282 have died.

Looking only at the numbers, it is less than in Europe and the United States, but the damage caused by the infection and the sadness of losing a family are very deep regardless of the number.

The progress of vaccination in Japan is very slow, and the cumulative number of vaccinations to date is only 1,288,000, which is very small among developed countries.
The major cause is the delay in the arrival of vaccines in Japan.
Medical personnel and the elderly aged 65 and over are prioritized for vaccination, but it is expected that all citizens will finish the two vaccinations around the fall of this year.

The tourist destinations in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, where tourists from overseas do not come, are very quiet.
I hope to quickly regain the vitality of foreign tourists like before.