Tokyo 2020 countdown: 100 days to go before the Olympic Games


The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, which was postponed last year, are being prepared for July.
The opening ceremony will be held on July 23, exactly 100 days after today, and the Torch Relay has already left Fukushima Prefecture on March 25, and runners are currently running in Osaka Prefecture.

Speaking of Osaka Prefecture, the infection of COVID-19 is spreading, and some Japanese are worried about the torch relay and the Olympics.
However, I would like to continue to think of the athletes who are working hard toward Tokyo 2020 and support them alongside people from all over the world.

At the Tokyo Games, it seems that only athletes and officials can enter Japan to prevent COVID-19 infection.

I hoped that everyone in the world who loves sports and peace will come to Japan to support the Tokyo Games and interact with Japanese people, but I was left disappointed because the lively crowd interaction I expected to see would not happen. The only thing we can do for now, is to hope that the Olympics will be safely concluded.

Please support athletes through image broadcast on TV and on the Internet.