Rented apartment 


Most rental apartments in Sendai are studios or one-bedrooms for students and singles.
Of course, there are 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms for families, but the rent is expensive.
The rent of an old wooden apartment is cheap, but the insulation and soundproofing performance is inferior.

【Case Study】
The photo is a relatively new studio apartment.
The area is about 20 m2 and is equipped with a sink with a gas stove and an air conditioner.


This is a larger 28 m² studio apartment designed to hide the sink.
The interior is popular in Japan with white walls and brown or light beige floors.


In the case of studio apartments, many toilets are very small. And separated from the bathroom.
Toilet bowls often have an electric toilet seat.


The minimalist washroom includes a simple washbasin and a decent space for a washing machine.
Ventilation must be taken care of as there are often no windows.


In most cases, the bathtub is very narrow in the modular bathroom.

modular bathroom

The apartment I introduced is a relatively new property.

If you are looking for a cheap rent, more often than not, it will be an old Japanese style apartment with tatami rooms.