Apartment Refurbishment Case Study


There are many cases in Japan where old apartments are purchased and renovated.
In Sendai, the property price is cheaper than in Tokyo, hence many people buy it as a relocation property from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The most in demand apartments are apartments of 30 to 40 years old, 70 to 80 square meters, priced at around 15 million yen, with a renovation expenditure of roughly 10 million yen, depending on the content of the construction.
This budget is about half that of Tokyo.

Case Study】
In order to renovate the interior, we recommend that you remove all the old interior decorations of your apartment.
Leaving old electrical wiring and water pipes can cause trouble after moving in.
Most certainly, all facilities such as kitchen and bathroom will be replaced.

Before refurbihsment

After refurbishment
The size of the property shown in the photo is 150 ㎡, which is a relatively large property case with four bedrooms. We installed a wood pellet stove in the living room that showcases a great view.

living room

The kitchen is an open style that is popular among Japanese houses. To make it more functional, we added a tatami room for guests next to it.

kitchen & tatami room

To maintain orderliness and cleanliness, we installed cloakrooms to store clothes, shoes, and so on. It’s also a norm to take off your indoor shoes. 


The bedroom is 20 ㎡ in size that has a sunny and healthy ambience.


In Japan, toilets of standard size are used.
Toilets and bathrooms are conventionally used separately.


The bathroom has a large wash counter and a mirror.


Bathrooms are modular bathrooms, and in Japan, most of them are of this style.

modular bathroom

Finding an apartment and refurbishing it may sound difficult for foreigners, hence I’m here to help you find a place that fits your desired location and budget.

And,I will also propose a plan for the renovation work.